Car Showroom Cleaning

car show room cleaning

Car showrooms are a special type of business that requires attention to detail and extra care in order for customers can experience the best possible service. If you’re needing our help, we offer flexible schedules that are contract free for all your car showroom cleaning needs. Call us Today!

Our car showroom cleaning includes:

  • Showroom floor clean
  • Reception areas
  • Structured daily cleaning services
  • Interior and exterior showroom window cleaning services
  • Hard floor maintenance
  • Sanitising and degreasing cleaning services
  • Toilet & restroom daily & deep-cleaning services
  • Workshop deep-cleaning services
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Grounds maintenance
  • High-level cleaning services
  • Meeting & Office rooms
  • Staff rooms
  • Kitchen areas


Showrooms are more than just a place to buy cars, they’re an experience. An immaculate showroom will demonstrate that you care about every last detail of your customer’s purchase and want them to have the best possible first impression from start-to finish with their new vehicle purchase!

We’ve worked with car dealerships and showrooms before. We know how important it is to keep your dealership looking its best, so we’ll take care of all those dirty tasks for you! Smith’s Cleaning Services will make sure that every inch from window treatments down gets properly cleaned without leaving any residue behind or harming racking systems in the process – just as if they were being done by hand themselves which would be far more time-consuming than using our cleaning machines at busy times when there’s high traffic flow through these areas. This way not only do customers get an amazing first impression but also long term growth.


Our car showroom cleaning personnel are fully-trained, experienced and work to exact specifications. Our daily service includes up until seven days a week care for your dealership or company with constant communication about the contract between you as well as regular quality audits which ensure that we always meet high standards of performance!

Car showroom cleaning specifics

We’ve seen it all when we clean car dealerships. Our cleaning team knows how to get the job done right with their years of experience and know what tools are best for each type messes that can happen in any environment – from oil stains on white tiles floors caused by tiresome driving sessions, or new car launches where technicians need access at every turn without disrupting production lines going gold finish ready .

One off events

We offer the highest standards of car showroom cleaning services at competitive prices and will work with you to create a tailored cleaning specification that meets your requirements. We help to ensure that your cleaning needs are met whilst maintaining the cleanliness and features of the showroom in question. From showroom interior and exterior window cleaning, hard floor maintenance and workshop deep cleaning, our car showroom cleaning services are second to none.

We can also respond to one-off events – new car model launches, marketing events or any other out-of-hours situation.

Contact us for Car Showroom Cleaning

If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced car showroom cleaning service, then contact us today. We’ll be happy to discuss your specific needs and provide you with a free quote. With our extensive knowledge and passion for detailing, we’re sure that we can exceed your expectations and deliver a level of cleanliness that will make your customers feel at ease when browsing your vehicles.



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