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At Smith’s Cleaning Services, we provide commercial cleaning services in Belfast renowned by our previous customers. Our skilled cleaners will get your business looking absolutely spotless and ensure you provide a great first impression for your customers. Not only that, your employees will be far more motivated to work in a clean and tidy office. Read on to further discover the benefits of a tidy workplace.

What is commercial cleaning?

Commercial cleaning refers to the process of one business cleaning the premises of another business, such as offices, car showrooms, hotels, etc. They are much more specialised in cleaning, therefore they can afford to buy equipment and products that are much more efficient at cleaning large premises. Not only that, they also cover the basics: dusting desks, emptying bins and picking up litter. Our Belfast commercial cleaning services include all of this and much more as part of our work.

Why should I hire commercial cleaning services?

1. Managing your time

Smith's Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Services Belfast

For a business to be successful it must focus on its product, whether that is a physical product or a service. However, no matter the size of your business you will have to deal with chores around the premises, one of those being cleaning. This takes time away from working on your business’ product and puts more pressure on employees. One way to solve the issue of cleaning is to make a rota of who is responsible for what, but this can lead to arguments if certain employees don’t do their part. It’s also much harder to manage once your business grows as you either try to divide responsibility equally or dedicate it to a certain group of people.

Our Belfast commercial cleaning services can help you solve this once and for all. By letting us do all the tedious work of keeping your premises clean, your employees can focus on making your business successful.

2. Keeping employees happy

Smith's Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Services Belfast office cleaning

A cluttered workplace can leave employees stressed and demotivated. Nobody wants to put maximum effort into their work when they are surrounded by dusty carpets, dirty desks and a pile of clutter. Furthermore, dirty office spaces can be a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. A study has found that there was a 12.5% decrease in sick days from offices that put more effort into keeping their premises clean. In 2022, an employee was absent from work due to illness for 5.7 days on average. This means that by keeping your offices and workplace clean you can save a full day of sickness per employee each year.

One day extra doesn’t sound like a massive improvement, but that is only sickness absences. Take into account all of the other reasons employees need to take a day or more off work and the number of employees your business has, then you will quickly want those extra days. The best part is, that you can control the cleanliness of your office, and we are here to help.

Our expert cleaners will leave your office in pristine condition and with much better hygiene. During our services, we clean and sanitise every surface in your office including kitchens, desks, and bathrooms. We also provide rental for many hygiene products including hand wash dispensers and air fresheners. This will ensure a safe and hygienic work environment at your premises.

3. Leaving good first impressions

Smith's Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Services Belfast Car showrooms

It is vital for businesses involved in hospitality to maintain their premises and ensure they are clean. The cleanliness of a hotel can make or break its future as just one bad review about an untidy room can turn potential customers away. The star rating is the backbone of deciding whether a hotel has good standards or not, and the biggest factor for your star rating is the cleanliness of your hotel. No matter how good your other services are, if your individual rooms are dirty then you will lose many potential customers. So why risk it? Our commercial cleaning services will make sure that your hotel deserves no less than 5 stars for its cleanliness.

This is just as important for showrooms. When your focus is on showing off a product, you want it at its best, however, you can’t achieve this unless its surroundings are also kept pristine. Potential buyers will keep an eye out for any imperfections in the car they are about to spend a significant sum of money on. Therefore you should ensure that there is nothing that could take their eyes away from what you are trying to sell.

4. Specialised equipment

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As a commercial cleaner provides their services to many other business they are able to invest in equipment that can do the job faster, better, and more efficiently. Businesses usually do not have the money to invest in specialised cleaning equipment and the training needed to allow their own employees to use it. By hiring professional commercial cleaning services, you don’t have to worry about any of that and keep the weight off of your shoulders.

At Smith’s Cleaning, we have recently become more tech-driven and invested in more cleaning machines. This lets us do our job at an even higher standard than ever before and ensures you will not be disappointed with our services. But don’t worry, we still put in the effort to manually go through every nook and cranny that might hide some dirt within it.

Why should I hire Smith’s Cleaning for my commercial cleaning services?

Our main selling point is that we keep the nonsense away from our work. By hiring Smith’s Cleaning you will get direct contact with the owner, Declan Smith. You can give as much detail as you want on what you need from us and none of it will be lost between any customer reps. Our cleaning schedule can be designed specifically for your needs.

We have years of experience working with various businesses including over 2 years with high-profile car showrooms and over 5 years in office cleaning.

Our rates start as low as £15.85 per hour to give your business premises a top-to-bottom clean with our top-of-the-range products. Call today at 075 4185 5595 or email us at to get a personal quote for your business.

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