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At Smith’s Cleaning, we provide a variety of cleaning services that will be sure to satisfy your needs for cleaners in Belfast. Commercial cleaning, showroom cleaning, office cleaning, hotel cleaning, and linen cleaning. If your business needs to get freshened up we will not disappoint. Our skilled cleaners along with their high-quality machinery will make sure that your business is looking as good as new after we are finished.

All of our services are fully flexible to let you create a cleaning plan that works just for you. Whether you need a one-off cleaning or want a scheduled cleaning service we can make it work. We provide daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleaning services for your business. All of our services are provided with no contract, meaning you’re not locked into working with us, however, we’re sure that you wouldn’t want to leave anyway.

Below is our comprehensive overview of all of our commercial cleaning services available to you.

Office Cleaning

Smith's cleaning office cleaners belfast

The staple of our business. Our office cleaning services will take your office to a new standard of cleanliness and hygiene. We will help you ensure that your employees are not distracted by any mess and clutter surrounding them. Instead, you can focus on growing your business while we take care of tidying up. We leave no surface uncleaned. During our work, our cleaners make sure to get rid of every speck of dust and dirt around your office leaving it pristine.

What we cover

Simply put everything.

From desks to floors, from bathrooms to kitchens, our cleaners will go through your entire company. You can view our other articles for a detailed list of the areas we cover and all of the small details we make sure not to miss.

To give you a quick summary:

  • floors vacuumed
  • desks cleaned and disinfected
  • keyboards, mice, chairs, phones thoroughly cleaned

But don’t worry, even if we don’t say explicitly that we will cover something, doesn’t mean we won’t clean it on-site. Our expert cleaners follow a rigorous and through list of areas to clean and details to cover. We’re sure that absolutely nothing will be missed.

How much does an office cleaner cost?

Our cleaners will revive your Belfast office for as little as £14.65 per hour. Our services are provided with no contract meaning you can leave any time, but we’re sure you wouldn’t want to. We provide our office cleaning services to any office from small start-ups to well-developed companies in Belfast and all over Northern Ireland. To view our full prices view our main office cleaning page or call us at 07541855595 and receive a free quote just for your business needs.

Why you should hire a professional office cleaner

A clean office is a must-have to keep your employees healthy and working efficiently. A dirty office can severely lower your employees’ satisfaction and lead to high employee absence, whether that is from not wanting to work or due to sickness caused by an unhygienic workplace. Employees taking days off due to sickness can severely impact your business, especially if a manager or senior employee has to take a few days off, however, there is no way to predict who will get sick or when. Therefore there is only one way to reduce the chances that your business will be affected by sick leave, by keeping it clean. Studies have shown that computer keyboards can be even dirtier than toilet seats when left uncleaned and this could be disastrous if many employees are sharing workstations or covering for others. An unhygienic workplace can spread diseases and severely demotivate your employees.

Furthermore, a dirty workplace can lead to an increased chance of workplace accidents. Employees can slip on dirty floors, trip over clutter on the ground and generally have a higher chance of injuring themselves due to bad cleaning practices. Our services will ensure that nothing like this will happen on your premises and make sure that your employees are in a safe environment.

Car showroom cleaning

Smith's cleaning showroom cleaners belfast

When your main business objective is to show something off there is no excuse to have your premises dirty. A fantastic car will look severely out of place in a showroom that has dust and dirt all over it. So why risk losing customers when we are ready to help?

What we cover

During our work, we cover every corner of your showroom from top to bottom. We will clean the main showroom itself to provide a great experience for potential customers and behind the scenes to help your employees stay satisfied during their work. We vacuum all floors and surfaces, thoroughly clean and disinfect desks, and sanitise bathrooms. Not only that but we will get rid of all of the clutter in your showroom to prevent any distractions from your luxurious cars.

How much does a car showroom cleaner cost?

Our cleaners will leave your car showroom setting the standard amongst your competition for as little as £14.65 per hour. We provide our services with no contract meaning you can leave any time, but we’re sure you wouldn’t want to. Our cleaners will leave your showroom looking spotless whether you are based in Belfast, Coleraine, or beyond. We cover all of Northern Ireland with our cleaner services. Call us at 07541855595 and receive a free quote just for your business needs.

Why you should hire a professional showroom cleaner

When trying to show a car off you want it looking its best. This includes the car itself and its surroundings, which is where we come in. Our highly skilled cleaners will leave your showroom  looking its finest and make sure that your pristine cars belong there. We have over 2 years of working with high-profile car showrooms and are confident that you will not be disappointed once our brushes hit your floors. After we’re finished the only comments getting made will be of the supreme cleanliness of the premises and the luxury of your vehicles. We will leave no dirt or clutter distracting potential customers from your cars.

Hotel Cleaning

Smith's cleaning hotel cleaners belfast

The core of a hotel’s business is to provide clean and comfortable accommodations to your guests, therefore by not properly cleaning your hotel’s rooms, you are essentially ending your business before it has had a chance to start. Just a handful of bad reviews complaining about your hotel’s cleanliness can leave you out of business.

What we cover

During our service, we make sure to leave each room absolutely spotless. Our cleaners will thoroughly clean and polish each surface, clean and disinfect bathrooms, and vacuum every floor. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg. We also provide linen cleaning services so we will take all linen sheets, covers, pillowcases, curtains, etc. and leave them back looking as good as new.

How much does a hotel cleaner cost?

Our cleaners will ensure that your hotel deserves 5 stars for cleanliness, starting at just £14.65 per hour. Our services are provided with no contract meaning you can leave any time, but we’re sure you wouldn’t want to. Whether your hotel is in the heart of Belfast or looking out to the sea in Portrush, we will leave your hotel setting the new standard for hygiene. Call us at 07541855595 and receive a free quote just for your business needs.

Why you should hire a professional hotel cleaner

As we mentioned, your hotel business relies on your customers being satisfied with their rooms, which includes the quality of furniture and especially its cleanliness. Your customers will most likely accept some lower quality furniture than they are used to at home in the worst case. However, they will absolutely not accept furniture that has been stained or dirtied by previous customers. Nobody wants to spend even an afternoon in a hotel that looks like the furniture has been abandoned and is at the mercy of whoever stays in each room.

By using our hotel cleaning services, your customers will have no idea that anyone has stayed in their room before. We leave no surface untouched and guarantee that the hygiene of your hotel is easily worth a 5-star review.

Still unsure? Let’s have a chat

If you’re still unsure whether you need our cleaning services or whether we are the best fit for you, you can contact us and we can help sort things out. Whether by phone (07541855595) or by email we are always available to help you lift your business to a new level of hygiene and take some weight off of your shoulders.

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