Why you need a Commercial Cleaner

We at Smith’s Cleaning Services are professional commercial cleaners who will provide you with a faultless commercial cleaning service for many types of businesses. From hotels to car showrooms to even offices we will get your company building looking spotless. Read on to find out why Smith’s Cleaning Services should be your next commercial cleaner.

Why should I hire a commercial cleaner?

A well-maintained building can provide benefits to your business in many ways. If you have lots of foot traffic to your building, its appearance will set a strong first impression for your customers. No one wants to walk into a showroom which has dirt, stains, and dust all over the interior.

Benefits to Customers

As mentioned, the first thing that any customer or client will see is the cleanliness of your company premises. If they believe that you can’t keep up with some basic cleaning and maintenance of your property what’s to say that you can maintain the rest of your business operations? Neat and tidy premises will set a strong first impression on any clients or customers who enter your building. This first impression will set their expectations of your business’ quality and attitude.

Furthermore, keeping things clean can reduce the spread of germs, especially in showrooms. If you are showcasing a product, such as a car, you will have many different people entering and exiting the car and touching it leaving bacteria all over the handles and the interior.

In addition, clean premises are most important for hotels out of the many other businesses. When your business is entirely based on providing clean and comfortable accommodation for your customers a high-quality commercial cleaner can set you apart from your competition. Just one bad review about the cleanliness of a customer’s room can ruin a hotel’s reputation. By hiring a professional commercial cleaner you can get rid of these worries and let them handle the cleaning entirely while you can focus on your hotel’s operations.

Benefits to Employees

Smith's Cleaning Commercial Cleaner Office cleaning

A dirty office can be a strong detriment to the productivity of your staff. It would be impossible to have a continuous level of high-quality output from your staff who are constantly distracted by the mess and clutter surrounding them in their workspace. A well-organized desk can allow employees to spend less time searching for items and more time on their work. Removing clutter can also reduce the feeling of stress for your employees which can also provide a productivity boost. Stressed employees are more likely to take days off putting more pressure on the rest of your employees and decreasing overall workplace satisfaction. Happy employees are hardworking employees so ensuring your workers are satisfied with their job can go a long way with decreasing turnover.

Not only that a clean working environment can make your business safer. Dirty and slippery floors can be a hazard to employees and lead to avoidable workplace accidents. A properly cleaned workplace can prevent anything like this from happening and ensure that your staff are not in harm’s way just from showing up each day.

Furthermore, a clean working environment can reduce the spread of illnesses. In 2021 in the UK each employee took an average of 4.6 days off sick per year. That’s just about 1 working week per employee which isn’t much on its own. However, for any business that employs more than a handful of people that could mean they will not have every worker in for much of the year. Constantly having to fill in and manage all these absences could take attention away from the core focus of your business.


Why choose Smith’s Cleaning Services as your commercial cleaner?

At Smith’s Cleaning Services, we provide a no-nonsense commercial cleaning service that will undoubtedly impress you, your staff and your customers.

There are many great benefits to working with us:

  • We are a family-run commercial cleaning service and we keep the personal aspect of any business relationship intact. We don’t simply focus on profits and doing a good enough job, instead, we make sure to achieve the highest standards possible with our skills and equipment. We guarantee that our service will be worth your time and money.
  • You will have direct contact with the owner, Declan Smith. This means there will be no tiring back-and-forth emails between you and a customer service agent that lead to miscommunication. You can ensure that we will do everything to your exact requirements.
  • We have over 2 years of experience working with high-profile car showrooms and over 5 years of office cleaning experience. While working with us you can be sure that your business is in safe hands with Smith’s Cleaning Services

How much do our services cost?

Our commercial cleaning services range from £15.85 per hour to £16.45 per hour. To get a more personalised quote contact us today and get an estimate just for your business.

What areas do we cover?

We provide daily commercial cleaning and more to all of Northern Ireland and Great Britain. No matter where you are we can leave your premises looking brand new.

Contact us today for more information and to book your commercial cleaning exactly how it suits your needs.

What do we include with our commercial cleaning services?

We provide a spotless service cleaning for your company building from head to toe. We catch every detail during our work and guarantee that we will clean every nook and cranny. Here are some of the many areas we cover:


Smith's Cleaning Commercial Cleaner Toilet Cleaning

We don’t just do a simple wipe down of toilets and sinks like many other commercial cleaners. Instead, we make sure that your bathrooms are spotless including details that you might not even notice until they have been cleaned.

We ensure that each toilet is properly cleaned and has no build-up of grime or stains on any surface. Our checklist also includes a check that each toilet has enough toilet rolls and that any paper or soap dispensers are also adequately filled up.

We also make sure that the soap dispensers don’t have any build-up around the nozzles. Lots of build-up can cause them to stop functioning properly it will eventually clog the nozzle. If your business is lacking properly functioning handwash dispensers we provide a rental service with no contract. As part of this service, we will refill and maintain your handwash dispensers on a monthly basis.

We also ensure that washrooms have a pleasant and fresh odour after they have been cleaned and during the workday. As part of our product line-up we also provide automatic air freshener rental to make sure employees aren’t stuck with an unpleasant odour in your washrooms.


Smith's Cleaning Commercial Cleaner Desk cleaning

We wipe down every desk all over to remove any dust buildup and bacteria. Afterwards, we polish every surface including work surfaces, keyboards, telephones and more to leave them looking as good as new.


Smith's Cleaning Commercial Cleaner Floor hoovering and cleaning

We brush and hoover every floor around your premises. Whether it is tiles, wooden floors or carpets we make sure they are left spotless and safe to walk on.

Why not give us a call

These cover just a small range of the places and details we cover during our cleaning. Our commercial cleaning services leave no dirt behind.

At Smith’s Cleaning Services, we have a full guarantee that you will be satisfied with our prices and service. Contact us today to receive a personalised quote for your company.

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